ǿմý without Limits Academy Trust

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Welcome to the ǿմý without Limits website. We are a Multi Academy Trust that formed in 2016, set up to serve the communities of Leicester City and the surrounding areas. Originally born out of Babington Academy in the North-West of Leicester, the Trust now supports five schools, across both Primary and Secondary phase. Our schools work closely with one another and benefit greatly from these relationships.

The close geographical location of our schools means that we can easily share opportunities and experiences that greatly improve the life chances of our students. It is our belief that our collaborative approach to School Improvement gives our schools the tools necessary to improve, and sustain this improvement over time. We work tirelessly to meet our own ambition for the 3000 students and the diverse communities that we serve.

We are dedicated to providing our staff with a range of opportunities that develop their own skills which allow them to thrive in the education setting. This investment results in our students benefiting from a highly motivated, dedicated and professional team of staff.

It is a great honour to be leading the Trust at this time. In the ever-changing world of education, it is always pleasing to see how well our students develop and grow into confident and responsible citizens, prepared for their next steps.

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and welcome like-minded people to join us and support our young people on their journey through education.

John Henrys

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